Scientific experts

Excellence Advanced Researchers

CIMI supports visiting positions for confirmed scientists on long-term visiting positions (3 months, 4 per year).

The aim is to attract visitors to develop long-term collaborations with the members of CIMI, to improve interactions and to take part in the CIMI educational programs. These visiting positions may be parts of the thematic trimester programs.

The document below aims at providing guidance on the format to be used when submitting an application for a long term visit of a confirmed scientist to CIMI Executive Committee.

Projects may be submitted at any time of the year.


6 month visit from Laurent Bartholdi

L. Bartholdi is a professor at Göttingen University and his interests revolve around algebra (in particular group theory) and its applications to other fields of mathematics. Finite-state automata play a special role: they let one generate interesting groups, encode dynamical systems (for instance iteration of a holomorphic function), and are connected to fundamental problems in theoretical computer science, e.g. through tiling problems. A workshop as well as a series of lectures and seminars on L. Bartholdi’s main scientific interests will take place towards the end of December-beginning of January 2014.

The local coordinator at IMT is X. Buff.