Workshop: semiorthogonal decompositions, stability conditions and sheaves of categories

2-5 May 2018

First meeting of the CIMI network "Semiorthogonal decompositions and stability conditions"

Semiorthogonal decompositions, stability conditions, sheaves of categories

Toulouse, Insitut de Mathématiques de Toulouse (find me on a map), May 2nd to May 5th 2018.


An active workshop on open problems relating constructions of stability conditions on admissible subcategories and sheaves of categories.

If you wish to participate to the workshop, contact the organizers: Marcello Bernardara and Emanuele Macrì


Wednesday, May 2nd:

9:00 Alex Perry Amphi Schwartz
10:00 Coffee Break  
10:30 Vadim Schechtmann Amphi Schwartz
11:45 Fabian Haiden Amphi Schwartz
13:00 Lunch Break  
14:00 Discussion on open problems Amphi Schwartz
15:30 Group sessions  

Thursday, May 3rd

9:00 Pranav Pandit Amphi Schwartz
10:00 Coffee Break  
10:30 Howard Nuer Amphi Schwartz
11:45 Daniele Faenzi Amphi Schwartz
13:00 Lunch Break  
14:00 Group sessions  

Friday, May 4th

9:30 Report on group sessions Amphi Schwartz
10:30 Coffee Break  
11:00 Group sessions  
13:00 Lunch Break  
14:00 Group sessions  

Saturday, May 5th

9:30 Group sessions  
10:30 Coffee Break  
11:00 Laure Flapan: "K3 categories" Amphi Schwartz
11:30 Benjamin Schmidt: "Projections of skyscraper sheaves" Amphi Schwartz
12:00 Paolo Stellari: "A categorical invariants for Enriques surfaces" Amphi Schwartz
12:30 Martì Lahoz: "Abelian surface-like categories" Amphi Schwartz
13:00 Dominique Mattei: "A Proposition by Kuznetsov" Amphi Schwartz
13:30 Lunch  


Confirmed Participants:

  • Arend Bayer (Edinburgh)
  • Sjoerd Beentjes (Edinburgh)
  • Marcello Bernardara (Toulouse)
  • Aaron Bertram (Utah)
  • Anthony Blanc (Trieste)
  • Céline Bonandrini (Northeastern University)
  • Ana-Maria Castravet (Northeastern University)
  • Huachen Chen (Utah)
  • Lorenzo de Biase (Cardiff)
  • George Dimitrov (Vienna)
  • Sara Durighetto (Toulouse)
  • Daniele Faenzi (Dijon)
  • Soheyla Feyzbaksh (Edinburgh)
  • Laure Flapan (Northeastern University)
  • Fabian Haiden (Harvard)
  • Georg Hein (Essen)
  • Ludmil Katzarkov (Vienna/Miami)
  • John Kopper (Chicago)
  • Naoki Koseki (Edinburgh/Tokyo)
  • Martì Lahoz-Vilalta (Barcelona)
  • Chunyi Li (Warwick)
  • Emanuele Macrì (Northeastern University)
  • Laurent Manivel (Toulouse)
  • Diletta Martinelli (Edinburgh)
  • Sukhendu Mehrotra (Chennay)
  • Tasos Moulinos (UIC)
  • Howard Nuer (Chicago)
  • Pranav Pandit (IHES)
  • Alex Perry (Columbia)
  • Laura Pertusi (Milan)
  • Marin Petkovic (Utah)
  • Fatemeh Rezaee (Edinburgh)
  • Andrés Rojas (Barcelona)
  • Franco Rota (Utah)
  • Vadim Schechtmann (Toulouse)
  • Benjamin Schmidt (Texas)
  • Maxim Smirnov (Augsburg)
  • Paolo Stellari (Milan)
  • Benjamin Sung (Northeastern University)
  • Bertrand Toën (Toulouse)
  • Michel Vaquié (Toulouse)
  • Xiaolei Zhao (Northeastern University)



This workshop is co-financed by CIMI, NSF and ERC.


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The workshop is partially supported by an NSF Focused Research Group grant DMS #1664303. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.