Dongmo Zhang

Talk on 29/06/15
Reasoning about Game Strategies

This talk introduces a modal logic we developed very recently for
modelling game playing and strategic reasoning. The language of the
logic is built up on the well-known game description language for
describing game rules with an extension of three modalities for
reasoning about actions and strategies. The logic is equipped with a
sound and complete axiomatic system with respect to a specific
semantics based on the state transition model of games. Interestingly,
the completeness proof makes use of forgetting techniques that have
been widely used in the KR&R literature. Finally it is demonstrated
how general game-playing systems can apply the logic to develop game

About the speaker: Dongmo Zhang is an associate professor at the
University of Western Sydney, Australia. His research interests
include belief revision, reasoning about action, bargaining theory,
e-trading and multiagent systems.

There will also be two tutorials on bargaining and auction,
respectively. Details will be decided depending on the feedback of the
audience of the first talk.