Workshop on geometric analysis

A workshop on  geometric analysis will take place on June 10-14.


-Olivier Biquard (ENS Ulm)

-Alice Chang (Princeton)

-Panagiota Daskalopoulos (U Columbia)

-Manuel Del Pino (U Bath)

-Olivier Druet (U Lyon)

-Bo Guan (U Ohio State)

-Matthew Gursky (U Notre dame)

-Qing Han (U Notre Dame & U Pekin)

-Jiayu Li (USTC)

-Yanyan Li (U Rutgers)

-Andrea Malchiodi (SNS)

-Jie Qing  (UCSC)

-Tristan Riviere (ETH)

-Natasa Sesum (U Rutgers)

-Michael Struwe (ETH)

-Karl-Theodor Sturm (U Bonn)

-Gang Tian (Princeton & U Pekin)

-Guofang Wang (U Freiburg)

-Juncheng Wei (UBC)

-Paul Yang (Princeton)

Organizers: Yuxin Ge (IMT), Henri  Guenancia (IMT) and  Eveline Legendre (IMT).

Abstracts and schedule will be posted here at a later date.

To register for this workshop, please send an email to the organizers at yge[at]math[dot]univ-toulouse[dot]fr

Some limited financial support for junior participants will be available. If you wish to apply, please specify it in your email, and send a CV and cover letter.