Global schedule

The thematic trimester CIPPMI consists in 50 course sessions, three workshops and a thematic school.

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  • Friday 18th March, 14h, IRIT, Auditorium Herbrand :

Opening lecture by Jean-Michel Salanskis (Univ. Paris Ouest, IREPH), Une dispersion nouvelle.

Detailed schedule of courses

Two courses are scheduled each morning: we have intentionally left room for other activities directed towards specialists in the afternoons that will be organized later. The title and abstracts are available in the section COURSES.

To download the detailed schedule, click HERE

  • Schedule of courses: 9h-10h30 & 10h45-12h15 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
  • Location of courses: IMT, salle de séminaire (11-14 April ; 30 May-2 June ; 6-16 June) & IRIT, salle des thèses (4-8 April & 23-27 May)
  • Schedule of workshops: 9h-10h30 & 10h45-12h15 (Friday and Saturday), 14h-15h30 & 15h45-17h15 (Friday)
  • Locations of workshops: IMT, Amphi Schwartz (15-16 April & 4 June) & Bât 1R2, salle Cavaillès 132 (17 June); IRIT, salle des thèses (3 June)