Complex analysis and noncommutative functions


3–7 October 2016



  • Mini-course by Victor Vinnikov: Free noncommutative function theory: foundations, applications, and recent developments. Download lecture summary.
  • Workshop: Complex analysis and noncommutative functions.



Here is the schedule and the program with abstracts of the week.


Invited speakers

  • Hari Bercovici: Outliers for polynomial functions of random matrices
  • Yoann Dabrowski: Applications of non-commutative convex functions to free probability
  • Kenneth R. Davidson: Choquet order and hyperrigidity for function systems
  • William J. Helton: TBA
  • Dmitry Kaliuzhnyi-Verbovetskyi: Integrability of free noncommutative functions
  • Tobias Mai: Regularity questions for non-commutative distributions in free probability
  • Ion Nechita: Quantum channels, groups, and non-commutative iterative scaling algorithms
  • Mihai V. Popa: TBA
  • Eli Shamovich: TBA
  • Victor Vinnikov: mini-course



  • Serban Belinschi
  • Hari Bercovici
  • Mireille Capitaine
  • François Chapon
  • Yoann Dabrowski
  • Kenneth R. Davidson
  • Mario Alberto Diaz-Torres
  • Hector Escamilla Nunez
  • Vincent Feuvrier
  • Yinzheng Gu
  • William J. Helton
  • Martin Himmel
  • Dmitry Kaliuzhnyi-Verbovetskyi
  • Salma Kuhlmann
  • Cécilia Lancien
  • Felix Leid
  • Tobias Mai
  • Ion Nechita
  • Stefanie Petermichl
  • Ariel Pinhas
  • Mihai V. Popa
  • Motke Porat
  • Yanqi Qiu
  • Jasmin Raissy
  • Eli Shamovich
  • Pascal J. Thomas
  • Josué Daniel Vazquez Becerra
  • Victor Vinnikov
  • Sheng Yin
  • Li Zhu



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Serban Belinschi