Rudolf Vetschera

Rudolf Vetschera Full Professor Department of Business Administration, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Title: A process perspective on the multiple dimensions of negotiations

Abstract: Negotiations involve complex patterns of interactions between the negotiation parties, that take place at different levels. To obtain a comprehensive picture of negotiation processes, it is not sufficient to consider the substantive level of negotiations (i.e., the offers and counter-offers exchanged in terms of the issues being negotiated), but one also needs to take into account negotiation strategies and tactics that manifest themselves in communication accompanying these offers, and even the emotional content that these message transmit beyond their manifest meaning. The presentation will introduce methods to represent negotiation processes at all three levels and at different levels of granularity, and also exemplify insights into the nature of negotiations that can be obtained from the simultaneous consideration of negotiation processes at all three levels as well as the interactions between levels.

Biography: Rudolf Vetschera is full professor of Business Administration with a focus on organization and planning at the University of Vienna. He has published three books and more than one hundred peer reviewed papers. He received the Informs GDN section award in 2012, and was ranked #8 among the university professors in Business Administration in German speaking countries in 2012 and 2014. His main research interests are group decisions and negotiations, in particular the analysis of negotiation processes, multicriteria decisions and decision models under incomplete information.