David Rios

David Rios Institute of Mathematical Sciences, ICMAT-CSIC, Madrid, Spain

Title: Searching for light in the participation forest

Abstract: The recent increase in availability and diversity of participatory instruments leads to the need of classifying them to facilitate grasping the phenomenon of participation and identifying the most suitable instrument. Several classifications have been created, based on somewhat arbitrary criteria, often with an ideological emphasis. We present first a classification based on the participatory group decision and negotiation tasks included in the instruments as well as on several of their technical features. Besides understanding, this classification may be used to identify the relevant participatory instruments for a given situation. For the final choice, we describe a multicriteria procedure to choose an instrument. Joint work with J.M. Lavín.

Biography: David Ríos is AXA-ICMAT Chair in adversarial risk analysis at ICMAT-CSIC, and member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences. He has authored 13 books and more than 110 refereed papers in his areas of interest, which include decision analysis, Bayesian statistics, risk analysis and negotiation analysis, and their applications to security, aviation safety, participation and socia robotics. He is scientific advisor of Aisoy Robotics.