PhD Award


During the Toulouse e-democracy Summer School a best student award will be offered.

The price is a set of three books:

- Handbook of Computational Social Choice; Felix Brandt , Vincent Conitzer, Ulle Endriss, Jérôme Lang, Ariel D. Procaccia,

- Perfect Deterrence; Frank C. Zagare, D. Marc Kilgour,

- Voting Paradoxes And How To Deal With Them, Hannu Nurmi.

The best student will be chosen in the following way: The teachers and the members of the organizing committee will evaluate the PhD candidates on three criteria:

1/ the pedagogical quality of the talk

2/ the scientific quality of the talk

3/ the quality of the answers given by the student during the discussion.

All these items will be rated on a 7 point scale (from --- to +++). The evaluation process will be anonymous. Then the name of the student will be substitued by student A, student B, student C,... and will be presented to all the participants at the end of the school. Thanks to these anonymous evaluations the best student will be chosen by a method that will be discussed and chosen by all the participants. At the end of the session if there is no consensus about the method then the winner will be chosen randomly.